Colin Hemer

Colin J. Hemer was one of the preeminent scholars on the Seven Churches, and many of his articles on the biblical sites in Turkey can be found in such references works as the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised Edition, and the New Bible Dictionary. Hemer's premature death in 1987 was a lost for both New Testament and Anatolian scholarship. I. Howard Marshall paid tribute to his scholarly contributions in the "Foreward" of Hemer's posthumous The Book of Acts in the Setting of Hellenistic History (Tübingen: Mohr/Siebeck, 1989). In 1986 Hemer published his important work, The Letters to the Seven Churches in the Local Setting (Sheffield: JSOT Press; revised edition Eerdmans, 2000). This volume was a rewrite of his PhD thesis done under F. F. Bruce at the University of Manchester in 1969. In this volume Hemer refers to a supplemental bibliography that he placed in the library at Tyndale House, Cambridge. The former librarian, Dr. David Instone Brewer, graciously supplied Hemer's handwritten manuscript. This helpful bibliography is presented with the permission of Tyndale House, which is the executor for Hemer's estate.


Supplemental Bibliography on The Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia in their Local Setting 

By Colin J. Hemer


Section I: Works relating to the Text of the Revelation and the Seven Letters

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Section II: Works relating to the topography and archaeology of the cities of Asia

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Section III: Other Ancient Sources (Inscriptions, Coins, Papyri, Ostraca) & modern works in which important original materials are published

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Section IV: Other Modern Books and Articles

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