Sir William Mitchell Ramsay (1851-1939)

W M Ramsay

W. M. Ramsay is well known for his contributions to biblical scholarship. From 1886 to 1911, Ramsay was regius professor of Humanity at the University of Aberdeen, his alma mater. His pioneering fieldwork in Asia Minor advanced our knowledge of early Christianity and the Greco-Roman world. Ramsay was the author of twenty-three books and scores of articles in journals and reference works such as the Hastings Dictionary of the Bible. Ramsay’s noteworthy status in biblical scholarship has been recognized by F. F. Bruce (The Acts of the Apostles [Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1990] xvi), who acknowledges, “My debt to the writings of Sir William Ramsay is evident throughout the work, and I am repeatedly amazed by scholars of a later date who seem unaware of the contributions of peculiar value which he made to certain areas of New Testament study.” The importance of Ramsay’s work was affirmed again recently by William H. C. Frend (The Archaeology of Early Christianity [Minneapolis: Fortress, 1996], 95): “For all his faults he remains one of the great pioneers in the study of the material remains of the early Church.”