Articles highlighting work by Dr. Wilson

New Synagogue Excavations In Israel and Beyond (BAR)

Dr. Wilson's recent archaeological work have been highlighted by the Biblical Archaeological Review.

"Led by Nadin Burkhardt from the University of Frankfurt am Main and Mark Wilson of the Asia Minor Research Center in Izmir, Turkey, excavations carried out since August 2009 have identified the synagogue’s main phases, as well as graffiti and plaques decorated with menorahs that once adorned the sanctuary."

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Archaeology in Turkey: Major Finds in Asia Minor (CT)

"A deadly 7.2 magnitude earthquake has drawn renewed global attention to Turkey. For archaeologists and early church scholars, the country was already a renewed focal point. A surge of archaeology projects in the country have uncovered more of the Christian legacy of Paul and other early evangelists. But archaeologists from the U.S. and other countries face growing barriers put up by Turkish authorities."

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