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Studies in Guidance: Donald Gee as an Interpreter of Saint Luke2020/03/292020-03-29 06:51:34
Praxeis as Praxis: Odegeology as Practical Theology in the Book of Acts2020/03/292020-03-29 06:49:42
The Role of the Holy Spirit in Paul’s Ministry Journeys2020/03/292020-03-29 06:48:43
Hilasterion and Imperial Ideology: A New reading of Romans 3:252020/03/292020-03-29 06:43:32
The Denouement of Claudian Pamphylia-Lycia and its Implications for the Audience of Galatians2020/03/292020-03-29 06:42:10
Paul’s Journeys in 3D: The Apostle as Ideal Ancient Traveller2020/03/292020-03-29 06:38:17
The Upper Regions and the Route of Paul’s Third Journey from Apamea to Ephesus2020/03/292020-03-29 05:14:51
The Ephesian Elders Come to Miletus: An Annaliste reading of Acts 20:15 18a2020/03/292020-03-29 05:09:06
The Lukan Periplus of Saint Paul’s Third Journey with a Textual Conundrum in Acts2020/03/292020-03-29 05:06:46
Paul’s Walk to Assos: A Hodological Inquiry into its Geography, Archaeology, and Purpose2020/03/292020-03-29 04:52:03
The Route of Paul’s Second Jour­ney in Asia Minor: In the Steps of Robert Jewett and Beyond2020/03/292020-03-29 04:48:06
Derbe: An Unlikely Lycaonian City for Paul’s Ministry2020/03/292020-03-29 02:12:48
The Route of Paul’s First Journey to Pisidian Antioch2020/03/292020-03-29 02:09:47
The Destination of Paul’s First Journey: Asia Minor or North Africa?2020/03/292020-03-29 02:03:37
Saint Paul in Pamphylia: Intention, Arrival, Departure2020/03/292020-03-29 02:02:35
Cilicia: The First Christian Churches in Anatolia2020/03/292020-03-29 02:01:44
Barnabas or Saul: Who is Describing Saul’s Conversion in Acts 9:27?, , , , , , 2020/03/292020-03-29 00:57:32
Was Paul a Cilician, a Native of Tarsus: A Historical Reassessment, , , , , , , , , , , 2020/03/292020-03-29 00:42:05