Noah's Ark and the Flood in the Texts and Archaeology of Roman Asia Minor
from Dr. Mark Wilson

I think you'll find this very interesting which I do as well
The theme of Noah's Ark and the Flood continues to be very popular not only in Turkey but also in the United States.
During our visits to academic society meetings, there are always people who ask questions about what is going on in the discoveries about Noah's Ark and the Flood in Turkey.
A major theme park was built a few years ago in the state of Kentucky in the United States and the park is called the Ark Encounter.
They've literally taken the dimensions from the book of genesis and rebuilt a boat in this shape.
Many people come and visit this park to get a look at what this particular interpretation of the recreation of the Arc of Noah is all about.

Biblical Turkey by Mark Wilson | Recommended Resource
from Walking The Text

Nearly half of the New Testament was written to or from Turkey. All of Paul’s missionary journeys went through there. All seven churches in Revelation were in Turkey. Turkey was one of the most important countries to the spread of the Gospel, and Paul and John (and others) spent considerable time there. So how does one gain the learning necessary to understand the importance of the locations and stories associated with them? By getting their hands on Biblical Turkey. Mark Wilson shines a bright light on the important sites, geographical locations, cultural significance, and more in this incredibly detailed and picturesque guide to Biblical Turkey. Additionally, the contextual clues that Mark highlights, help open up the landscape of Turkey as a wonder of the ancient world and a roadmap to the spread of the Gospel message. Don’t miss out on this incredible study resource!

Monocle & Spade #11
The Seven Cities of Revelation | An Archaeological Overview
from Epic Archaeology

Book Referenced in the podcast on Sir William Ramsay

The story of Paul has always captivated Christians—a terrible persecutor of the church turned phenomenal Christian missionary. In addition to being a primary source for much of modern theology, the biblical accounts of Paul and his travels have always been a reference point for historians. For many years, St. Paul the Traveler and Roman Citizen has been one of the most useful works on Paul. This revised and updated edition examines a variety of topics including: Paul's nationality, The missionary journey of Barnabas and Paul, The Apostolic council, Paul's voyage to Rome, Chronology of early church history.

Exploring Ephesus: City of Apostles (2015) from Vision Video
Dr. Mark Wilson | Dr. Andrew Jackson

Ephesus was a major hub of Early Christianity. This impressive city was central point of Paul’s ministry. Several books of the Bible were written here and an infamous riot recorded in the Book of Acts, broke out against the Christians. Ephesus was the launching point for the gospel’s continuous expansion into the western world. For decades biblical Turkey has been the focus of study for distinguished historians, Dr. Mark Wilson and Dr. Andrew Jackson. Now these old friends reunite and travel together on the road to Ephesus. Along the way they share their combined historical, archeological and biblical expertise to bring the scriptures to life for modern believers. You’ll travel along archaic Roman roads where apostles walked, pass through marble gates into the beautifully excavated city of Ephesus where extensive ruins echo with thousands of years of history. You’ll take an excursion by boat to the Isle of Patmos where Christ revealed what would take place at the end of days. Visit ruined pagan temples where false gods once ruled the hearts of the people and into hidden caves where early Christian believers worshipped the true God. Exploring Ephesus combines the fast-paced adventure of a travel show with truly rich biblical scholarship and relevant spiritual insights. Join the journey as we Explore Ephesus: City of Apostles.

Saint Nicholas: The Real Story (2015) | Full Movie
from Vision Video

Everybody knows the story of Santa Claus, the red–suited figure who lives at the North Pole and distributes gifts to good children every Christmas Eve. But is there any historical evidence about the real man on which this jolly old character is based? Travel with distinguished historian Mark Wilson as he journeys not to the North Pole, but to modern day Turkey and Italy. Here the important story of Nicholas, a third-century Christian bishop, emerges from folklore. Saint Nicholas: The Real Story unveils the portrait of a courageous man of God, who stood for truth at a critical time in Church history and who profoundly impacted the culture in which he lived.

Hierapolis: City of Apollo to City of Philip
from Dr. Mark Wilson

This video discusses the discovery of a tomb and basilica in Hierapolis associated with the apostle Philip. The city’s traditional sanctuaries—the temple of Apollo and the Plutonium—were destroyed in Late Antiquity, while a martyrium and basilica were built for Philip. This made Hierapolis an important pilgrimage destination in Asia along with Ephesus.