Led by Dr. Mark Wilson​

I have had the privilege of leading a number of study tours of the Biblical lands for a variety of groups. Some of these were sponsored by the Biblical Archaeology Society, others by denominational leaders, churches and organizations, as well as familiarization trips for professors and pastors. Additionally, I have been pleased to offer several study tours of the Holy Lands to my students. These trips have been enriching not only to the participants, but also to me. I have made many friends over the years as a consequence of these trips.

You are invited to join any of these study tours.

Listed below are future trips that I will be leading in the days to come. If you have an interest in joining one of these trips, click on the PDF file that gives a detailed explanation of the trip. You can contact me if you have additional questions.

Further below are group shots of several of these trips from the past.

Biblical Turkey FAM Trip

March 3-11, 2023

Dear Professor,
On behalf of Tutku it will be my pleasure to travel with you during the March 2023 Fam Trip in Turkey. Our itinerary includes a mixture of sites related to Paul’s journeys as well as the seven churches of revelation. This whirlwind tour will give you a preview of Turkey’s rich biblical heritage. You will also be amazed at all the history, geography, archaeology, and culture you will experience in just seven days. Please contact me if you have any questions related to the trip.

In Paul’s Footsteps in Turkey

April 22 – May 6, 2023

The apostle Paul is considered the second-most influential figure in Christian history after Jesus himself. Asia Minor, or Anatolia, is where many of the events associated with Paul’s life and ministry took place. Paul was a native of Tarsus in Cilicia, one of our stops. From Antioch to Miletus we will follow the routes traveled during his journeys by land and sea. We will see some of the Roman roads upon which he walked. At each site we will explore the archaeological realia still remaining. In museums we will encounter the artifacts that the apostle saw and touched. Unique to this tour is that for the first time we will stay at the new archaeology hotels recently opened in Antakya and Antalya. Please join me for this exciting two-week adventure tracing the footsteps of Paul in Turkey.

2nd Global Smyrna Meeting

June 20-26, 2021

A unique Biblical event is coming to Turkey in June of 2023! We’d like you and your congregation to be a part of it.
We invite you to the Global Smyrna Meeting on the Seven Churches of Revelation to be held in Izmir (ancient Smyrna) on June 4-10, 2023.
Not only will you visit each of the Seven Churches during the course of the Meeting, but you will also hear some of the world’s leading authorities discuss these churches from the perspective of history, religion, and archaeology. A time of worship will precede each of the inspiring evening sessions.
So mark these dates on your calendar and make plans to experience the Seven Churches with us.

Antioch Seminar on Paul & Peter
Where Disciples Were First Called Christians

July 16-23, 2023

ANTIOCH (Antakya) is located along the Orontes River in modern-day Turkey. The city became a center for early Christianity, playing an important role in the ministry of the apostle Paul in the New Testament. It was at Antioch that followers of Jesus were first called “Christians” (Acts 11:26).