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Pergamum Theater

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Bible History Daily

Dr. Wilson contributes a regular blog for Bible History Daily. For his latest contribution see-

Of Pirates and Virgins: Greek and Turkish Scholars Colloquiating
The invitation to attend the Second Greek-Turkish Symposium on Epigraphy in May was one I couldn’t turn down. It had been extended by Mustafa Adak, the chairperson of the epigraphy... Read more...

Pella: A Window on Survival
Eusebius recounts that the Jewish followers of Jesus heeded his warning and fled to Pella for safety before Jerusalem’s destruction.  Read more...

Antipatris: Another Pauline Site Off My Bucket List
Ancient visitors would have approached the magnificent walls of Antipatris on this Herodian street. Biblical scholar Mark Wilson describes the road into Antipatris. “My imagination was stirred to picture Paul   Read more…

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New Tours Scheduled for the Seven Churches Network

The Seven Churches Network is excited to announce the following study tours for 2012-2013. if you are interested in participating, feel free to complete the Registration Forms located in the itineraries. Click here to view trip summaries and itineraries.

The Archaeology of Paul in Turkey
endorsed by Biblical Archaeology Society
September 18-30, 2012

2012-2013 Study Trip of Turkey and Greece
in cooperation with The Master's College and The Master's Seminary
December 30, 2012-January 4, 2013

In the Footsteps of the Apostles: Peter, Paul, and John
in cooperation with Regent University School of Divinity
March 2-16, 2013

Following Paul in Turkey and Greece
in cooperation with Briarcrest College and Seminary
May 1-8, 2013

Abraham's Country: The Ancient Civilizations of Turkey
endorsed by Biblical Archaeology Society
September 15-27, 2013